How It Works

Overview: Rule-Based Monitoring

We offer a collection of unique, streamlined tools to help with data collection, browsing the data, metrics and exports. We make it easy to keep an eye on the competition or better understand a new trend or emerging market.

Our tools can be used across different social media publishers for data mining, monitoring and for viewing data collections over a period of time, even past historical events.

Here are a couple of examples on how our product can be used for different industries:

  • Finance & Active Trading: Create complex queries to gain real time market insights by combining stock, keyword and user tracking data using Twitter, StockTwits and Yahoo Finance sources.

  • Sales Lead Generation: Our tools give you or your sales team the ability to data mine for specific market segments, users or competitors.

  • Politics and Lobbying: Create a boundary (aka "geo-fence") for a specific region or city to look for news, general sentiment or insights on a particular issue.